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Here are some links to stuff that we think is pretty cool:

We met the guys from Splash Maps at the RGS Explore Weekend and really like their fold-able, near-indestructible, washable fabric maps! We think they these maps have great potential for quick, accurate and easy to navigation which won’t have some of the loss of detail issues that you get with traditional paper based maps. We liked them so much that we’ve picked up two; one for the Cheviots and one for the Cairngorms and will be trialing this winter! Watch this space, but if you’re already sold, visit their website and mention us.

Getting safe, clean drinking water while on expedition is an essential. We’ve used a range of different systems over the years but this year we’ll be trialing a water purification system from the guys at Pure Hydration. We so keen to tell people about it and so impressed with what they do, that we’re looking at kitting out all our expeditions to remote areas using this system. Visit the website and see what you think!

2017 aquapure traveller

Entabeni Education Centre, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. We’ve hooked up with Nic Shaw to provide all our South Africa based expeditions. Entabeni is a Zulu word which means ‘on the mountain’. Entabeni have been running youth based adventures for over 20 years and they provide an excellent experience for South African, and British, groups alike.



As we said, we’re not an ‘all singing and dancing’ company; we don’t run trips everywhere. So, we’ve linked up with some providers who we’d be happy to go on a trip with (and we think you’d be too):

We believe in supporting local businesses and we’ve got a great link with a very good friend in Spain. If you love Spain and enjoy walking there, why not visit Andalusia. Simon Harding runs walking holidays and city breaks in Andalusia and also offers  self-catering accommodation.  Why not visit his webpage for more information


Sky Blue Adventures have got a proven track record running a wide variety of expeditions in Morocco, Nepal and beyond. We’ve teamed up with Paul in the past, so if there is something you see that you like, make sure you say hi from us!





If you enjoy travelling and adventures (like we do) then the place visit in the UK is the Royal Geographical Society. As a fellow of the society, Will spends as much time as possible visiting the society when he’s in London. It’s a great place to be inspired; look through any of the exhibitions of trips and adventures or visit the map room. With portraits and busts of the great explorers like Scott, Shackleton and Livingstone, you’ll be in esteemed company.

FIREPOT Dehydrated Meals

If you do a lot of expeditioning, then you know that getting good, tasty food with a high calorie content is never easy and when you find something good, you should shout about it! So, we’re shouting! We met these guys at the 2017 Explore conference and to be honest, their meals are so good, you’ll want to eat them at home, not just in your tent. Check out Firepot meals on this link.

BRUBECK Outdoor base layers

Another brand that we spent some time with at the 2017 Explore conference is Brubeck. I’ve been running in their base layers for a few weeks now and I love them! They have a super comfortable range of base and mid layers specifically designed for mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts. If you do contact them, make sure you mention Mountain Energy to get a discount! Check out their range on this link.

RALLOO Expedition Funding

One of the problems that groups have when planning an overseas adventure is raising funds. At this year’s explore conference, we got chatting to the lovely people from Ralloo. They are a micro-sponsorship platform that help individuals, groups or schools fund raise for their expeditions. If you’re thinking about funding for a trip, check out their website here.

We are proud to be supported by Pharos Response; a 24 Hour, 7 day per week support service for all of our leaders on expeditions. As part of their support, experienced incident management consultants review our risk assessments and risk management processes on an annual basis.

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